2021-11-27-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

2. The world this week

2.1 Politics

2.2 Business

2.3 KAL’s cartoon

3. Leaders

3.1 Adventure capitalism

Technology investing
The venture-capital industry is being supersized. Good

3.2 March of the midsized menaces

And why this is alarming

3.3 Green shift

It will need luck, too

3.4 Winter wave

Covid-19 in Europe
A fourth surge is causing panic and muddled thinking

3.5 Heir today, gone tomorrow?

Indian politics
Single-family dominance repels talent from the Congress party

4. Letters

4.1 Assisted dying, covid-19, Franco-Swiss trains, animal rights

Letters to the editor
A selection of correspondence

5. Briefing

5.1 The menace of midsized meddlers

Smaller menaces are throwing their weight around more brazenly than ever before

6. Europe

6.1 All systems go

Germany’s next government
What to expect from the new three-party government

Covid-19 in Europe
Compulsory vaccination may become more common

6.3 Poseidon’s jewels

Exploiting them could harm the environment

6.4 Console sisters

Video games
For now, all the top players are male

6.5 The Franco-Italian job

Paris and Rome, once at loggerheads, now agree on migration, defence and more

7. Britain

7.1 Desperate measures

Voters hate seeing small boats wash up on the Kent coast. But politicians have few feasible options

7.2 Hard cases

Medical cannabis
But three years after the law changed, they cannot get it

7.3 A power in the land

Brexit and regulation (1)
Brexit is only one factor

7.4 Is “adequate” good enough?

Brexit and regulation (2)
Attempts to do better than the European Union are probably not worthwhile

7.5 Back to the barricades

The press
The veteran editor is back at the Daily Mail, with more power than before

7.6 Criminally under-policed

Mass fraud
Press 1 to be connected

7.7 Some modest proposals

How to fix Britain by reforming public schools, the City and the House of Lords

8. Middle East & Africa

8.1 Picking their shots

Health care in Africa
Other public-health problems are crying out for attention

8.2 Zapping the rap

Music censorship in Congo
President Tshisekedi is averse to adverse verse

8.3 Coup de grâce

A post-coup deal leaves the generals with yet more power

8.4 Slouching towards an exit

The war in Yemen
The Saudi-led coalition’s withdrawal from a key port underscores its struggles

8.5 Hacked off

Israel and NSO Group
A controversial purveyor of hacking software is beleaguered

9. United States

9.1 In tech we don’t trust

Biden’s technology policy
The administration is pushing back harder against big tech than anyone expected

9.2 Worms v virus

Treatment for covid-19
An anti-parasitic drug, touted as a miracle cure, helped people get better, but only in places with lots of parasites

9.3 Seasonal spread

Covid-19 and Thanksgiving
Blame resistance to getting jabbed and a lack of home testing

9.4 Crime and punishment

The murder of Ahmaud Arbery
A jury delivers a verdict against vigilante justice

Food rules
But supporters of the new law claim that it gives Mainers more ownership of the food supply

9.6 Clashing at the clinics

Anti-abortion protests
The daily confrontations ahead of a battle in the Supreme Court

9.7 The new tree army

A Civilian Climate Corps
To understand what a climate workforce could actually achieve, look to Colorado

10. The Americas

10.1 Still armed, still dangerous

Government bungling and political chaos encourage lawlessness

10.2 Waiting for the tourists to return

Until they do, economies will limp

11. Asia

11.1 With enemies like these

Indian politics
A weak Congress party and disunited smaller opponents keep the BJP in power

11.2 A dictator’s demise

South Korean history
Yet it has also revived a debate about the legacy of military rule

11.3 Globalising discontent

Covid-19 protests
They are staging noisy protests, waving Trump flags and threatening politicians

11.4 No way out

Migration scams
They promise safe passage to Western countries for a few thousand dollars

11.5 Oh no, it’s UMNO

A bellwether poll augurs well for Mr $700m

11.6 How green was my valley

Climate change and emigration
Climate change and emigration are making already harsh lives even harder

12. China

12.1 The West’s allure

Education abroad
But Western universities worry that their numbers may dwindle

12.2 Shout it from the rooftops

New technology may help to monitor its huge diversity of species

12.3 The silencing of a tennis star

When a tennis star accuses a grandee of assault, China has no answer

13. International

13.1 Goodbye darkness, my old friend

Astronomers v satellites
They get in the way of the cosmos

14. Business

14.1 Renaissance

European entrepreneurs
After a long slumber, Europe’s animal spirits are stirring

14.2 Tim’s troubles

European telecoms
The buyout would be the biggest ever of its kind in Europe

14.3 Managing the Great Resignation

High staff churn is here to stay. Retention strategies require a rethink

14.4 Reloaded

The firearms industry
Soaring demand for guns and ammunition comes from a range of demographic groups

14.5 iMac, iPhone, iRepair

Electronic waste
Apple has performed a U-turn on customers’ right to fix its products after purchase

14.6 Back from the USSR

Vietnamese tycoons
The renaming of an Oxford college is just one sign of their clout

14.7 Booming M&A is smashing records

Party hearty

14.8 In the flesh

Even as America and China have turned inwards, interdependency remains the dominant theme

15. Finance & economics

15.1 The next stage

Venture capital
The business of funding disruptive businesses is booming—and is itself being disrupted

15.2 Still in the hot seat

The Federal Reserve
He will face a crowded agenda in his second term

15.3 Homegrown headache

Inflation in America
It is wrong to deny that fiscal and monetary stimulus have helped cause the problem

15.4 Going for broke

Erdogan v markets
The Turkish president is at war with the markets

15.5 Full tilt

Vanishing liquidity and crowded trades are two sides of the same coin

15.6 A universe of worry

Free exchange
Is property really 29% of China’s GDP?

16. Science & technology

16.1 The great, late James Webb Space Telescope

A long-delayed telescope will soon soar into the heavens

17. Books & arts

17.1 Grab and go

Safeguarding art
Making “grab lists” forces institutions to rank and value their holdings

17.2 Plane wrong

It recounts how an engineering powerhouse succumbed to the beancounters

17.3 A whole new world

Scheherazade’s revenge
A classic of world literature gets an overdue makeover

17.4 A kind of blue

No, the Inuit do not have hundreds of words for snow

18. Economic & financial indicators

18.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

19. Graphic detail

19.1 Social distan-sting

Disease control
They segregate behaviours in different parts of their hives to prevent parasites from spreading

20. Obituary

20.1 The girl in red

Rossana Banti
The “ragazza terribile” of the Partisan resistance died on October 4th, aged 96