2021-12-30-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 The world this week

1.2 KAL’s cartoon

2. Leaders

2.1 Erdogan v economics: Turkey’s president cannot defy reality for long

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s scheme to save Turkey’s currency only heightens the risks

2.2 Walking away: How to think about the threat to American democracy

The Republican Party’s continued Trump infatuation is alarming. It should not lead to fatalism

2.3 Don’t panic: Video game makers must address worries about addictiveness

By sharing their data, they may pre-empt tougher regulation

2.4 Time to choose: Brexit’s many contradictions are coming to a head

It is time for Boris Johnson to abandon “cakeism”

2.5 The virus is already here: Why travel bans are usually the wrong way to curb Omicron

Most such restrictions are disruptive and ineffectual

3. United States

3.1 Scientific suspicion: The Charles Lieber case reveals America’s scientific rivalry with China

Prosecuting scientists who have broken the law without slipping into McCarthyism is hard

3.2 Adams eve: What to expect from Eric Adams

Police reform, nightclubs and pro-business veganism are on the menu

3.3 The charity-industrial complex: Bridgespan Group: the most powerful consultants you’ve never heard of

They direct philanthropic billions around the world

3.4 Male loneliness: Why men are lonelier in America than elsewhere

Marrying later, working harder and being better parents have diminished male friendships

3.5 Lexington: What Chicago’s ward map fight says about racial politics in America

Ethnic-minority caucuses serve their communities less and less well

4. The Americas

4.1 A new narconomics: Latin America’s drug gangs have had a good pandemic

A resilient industry shrugs off supply-chain problems

4.2 Boric acid or placid?: How radical will Gabriel Boric, Chile’s new president, turn out to be?

The former student leader has promised to end “neoliberalism”

5. China

5.1 The price of zero: A cluster of covid-19 cases in China prompts a citywide lockdown

Measures in Xi’an are China’s toughest on such a scale since early in the pandemic

5.2 Xi’s secret speeches: Even in secret, China’s leaders speak in code

Chinese bureaucrats have to learn to read between the lines

6. Business

6.1 Soliciting success: Why big law will keep getting bigger in the 2020s

Record profits—and a management revolution

6.2 Metaverse landlords: Virtual-property prices are going through the roof

Investors are paying hard currency for software real estate

6.3 The quiet Americans: Can American firms rid their supply chains of Xinjiang goods?

Possibly. Just don’t tell China

6.4 Bartleby: A memo from the boss on apology inflation

The sources of sorry

6.5 Schumpeter: Glencore’s message to the planet

Sorry, folks. Coal will remain alive and kicking

7. Finance & economics

7.1 Winners and losers: Which economies have done best and worst during the pandemic?

We rank 23 rich countries along five measures

7.2 Buttonwood: Why capital will become scarcer in the 2020s

Populism, climate change and supply-chain fixes will raise the long-term cost of capital

7.3 Omicron omens: What real-time indicators suggest about Omicron’s economic impact

People have been quicker to desert offices than shops

7.4 Build block better: Is a greener, faster and more decentralised alternative to Bitcoin possible?

Building better blockchains is surprisingly hard

7.5 Free exchange: New research counts the costs of the Sino-American trade war

It has been a lose-lose ordeal

8. Letters

8.1 On antitrust, Chinese birds, confidence tricks, Singapore, the EU, Latin America, random numbers: Letters to the editor

A selection of correspondence

9. Briefing

9.1 The nasty new GOP: The Republicans are still Donald Trump’s party, and they can still win

Asymmetric polarisation is a powerful thing

10. Europe

10.1 Smoke, mirrors and lira: Turkey’s currency woes are likely to get worse

President Erdogan’s voodoo economics have put taxpayers on the hook for billions

10.2 Memory hole: Russia bans Memorial, a seminal human-rights group

Putin intensifies his campaign to repress the memory of totalitarian crimes

10.3 A bad bet: Spain’s reforms in 2021 were only tiny steps

The country’s changes to pensions and labour-market rules are too timid

10.4 Privatised gains, socialised losses: Turkey’s public-private partnerships are pricier than promised

The lira’s woes raise the bill for Erdogan’s big projects

10.5 Charlemagne: How Europe’s politicians started to think of themselves as European

Our departing columnist offers some valedictory views

11. Britain

Exiting the bloc has left Britain poorer, but also in some ways less polarised

There will be less need to bite your tongue on controversial issues

11.3 Eating and covid-19: The pandemic has changed British diets in enduring ways

Good news for makers of cheese, sausages and canned fish

11.4 Poxy reasoning: Syphilis rates are rising relentlessly in Britain

Some of the reasons are positive

12. Middle East & Africa

12.1 Charter fights: Arab autocrats love writing, and ignoring, constitutions

Like rigged elections, they serve a purpose

12.2 There to stay: Israel tightens its grip on the Golan Heights

A quiet annexation is encountering little resistance

In Uganda they are traders, tricksters, moneylenders and marketmakers

13. Asia

13.1 The view from Tokyo: How Japan sees China

Mighty, but also dangerously overconfident

13.2 Pot cuisine: Thai restaurants are cooking with cannabis

THC is the new MSG

13.3 Prayin’ won’t do you no good: Extreme weather in South-East Asia is a harbinger of worse to come

A typhoon tears through the Philippines and epic floods submerge Malaysia

13.4 Merciful Moon: A presidential pardon catches South Korea by surprise

Moon Jae-in will release Park Geun-hye, his disgraced predecessor

13.5 Banyan: Why Brahmins lead Western firms but rarely Indian ones

India’s big businesses are dominated by traditional merchant and trader castes

14. International

14.1 Hooked: Are video games really addictive?

A revolution in games-makers’ business models has bolstered the case

15. Science & technology

15.1 Everyone’s going to the Moon: In 2022 a Moonrush will begin in earnest

Countries are racing to explore Earth’s closest neighbour

15.2 The new covid variant: Omicron causes a less severe illness than earlier variants

But it is spreading fast, and options for treating it are more limited

16. Books & arts

16.1 Bathhouse culture: Covid-19 has imperilled the hammams of north Africa and the Levant

To survive, the communal bathhouses must draw deep on a venerable past

16.2 Johnson: What is The Economist’s word of the year for 2021?

Our choice honours scientific ingenuity and edges out financial jargon and political buzzwords

17. Economic & financial indicators

17.1 Economic data, commodities and markets: Indicators

18. Graphic detail

18.1 Well-priced probabilities: What prediction markets suggest will happen in 2022

The wisdom of crowds trumps a crystal ball

19. Obituary

19.1 Troublemaker in a cassock: Desmond Tutu believed that truth was the best weapon

The campaigning Archbishop of Cape Town died on December 26th, aged 90