2022-04-02-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week




2. Leaders

2.1 Western support: Why Ukraine must win

A decisive victory could transform the security of Europe

2.2 Back to the dark ages: The Taliban are shackling half the Afghan population

Girls are barred from secondary school; women from travelling without a chaperone

2.3 The Sunshine State: What America can learn from Florida’s boom

It has important lessons for the environment, politics and the economy

2.4 These septic isles: Devolution is making the United Kingdom chronically miserable

Here is how to fix it

2.5 Brands and marketing: The serious business of being a social influencer

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3. Letters

3.1 On Russia and Ukraine, California, baseball, grammar, Dostoyevsky, Bagehot: Letters to the editor

A selection of correspondence

4. By Invitation


5. Briefing

5.1 The war in Ukraine: Ukraine’s president tells The Economist why Vladimir Putin must be defeated

Surrounded by sandbags and tank traps, Volodymyr Zelensky holds forth

5.2 The fortunes of war: What next for Russia?

For the moment, Russian forces have given up on Kyiv

6. Europe

6.1 Last-ditch pitch: Hungary’s opposition struggles to beat Viktor Orban’s stealth autocracy

The populist prime minister has subverted nearly every institution that matters

6.2 Energy dependence: Can Germany cope without Russian gas?

The government and economists disagree

6.3 France’s elections: Macron still leads a tightening presidential race

He may need to show he is ready for a match

6.4 Charlemagne: It will take years for Ukraine to become an EU member

Better start working on it now

7. Britain

7.1 So close, so far: The Good Friday deal deferred the issue of Irish unity to the future

Time was needed to heal old wounds. Then came Brexit

7.2 When waste is worth it: The British government made mistakes when sourcing protective gear

Not all of them were bad

7.3 Birthing pains: A report castigates the National Health Service

Many babies and mothers died, needlessly

7.4 By jingo!: War in Ukraine and a floundering rival boost Boris Johnson

His MPs are soothed. His position in the country remains difficult

7.5 Not even past: The Falklands war resonates 40 years on

The ten-week conflict in the South Atlantic has renewed salience, especially among Conservatives

8. Middle East & Africa

8.1 Desert-blooming friendships: Israel hosts an unprecedented summit with Arab leaders

It was long on symbols but short on promises

8.2 New blood begins to simmer: Oman’s sultan breaks with the past in economics

An oil windfall is a boon to public finances, but reminds Oman that it must diversify

8.3 The road not taken: A fragile ceasefire offers hope in Ethiopia

But it may collapse unless Tigray receives humanitarian aid

8.4 Red line: Kidnappers brazenly attack a train in Nigeria

Parts of Africa’s most populous country are becoming ungovernable

8.5 Never-ending party: Kenyan voters face an invidious choice in August

Neither of the leading candidates inspires much hope

9. United States

9.1 Child allowance: Why America’s most successful anti-poverty programme is going cold

The triumph of a giant experiment in child welfare is being squandered

9.2 College bonds: Los Angeles provides every first-grader with cash for college

Automatic college savings can go a long way

9.3 Hold the salt: The promise and pitfalls of desalination

California needs to diversify its water supply as the West dries up. How much can desalination help?

9.4 Defence spending: The Biden administration’s defence-spending proposal is a muddle

It looks hasty and lacks a needed sense of strategy

9.5 Public opinion: Americans’ views on the war reveal a striking generational divide

Memories of the cold war may be part of the explanation

9.6 Lexington: Tripping over himself: What Joe Biden’s gaffe says about his end-game in Ukraine

Nine ad-libbed words mask his caution in dealing with Vladimir Putin

10. The Americas

10.1 From protester to president: Chilean education lurches to the left

Gabriel Boric vows to forgive student loans and reduce testing in schools

In Guatemala alone some 15 legal officials have been forced to flee in the past year

10.3 Bello: Brazil’s presidential election in October will be about the economy

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is ahead but Jair Bolsonaro is still in the running

11. Asia

11.1 No country for young women: The Taliban are pushing females out of public life

Bigotry is making Afghanistan poorer

11.2 Pokémon dough: South Korean millennials battle to get hold of Pokémon snacks

They may have grown up, but their tastes have not evolved

11.3 Roubles in paradise: Russian tourists stranded in Asia are running out of cash

It has become costlier to live in Thailand than in Russia

11.4 Getting closer: China makes inroads in the Solomon Islands

Australia and New Zealand are alarmed

11.5 Out of the frying pan: Indonesia, the world’s biggest producer, has a palm-oil crisis

Ukraine, the pandemic and local profiteers get the blame

11.6 Banyan: The invasion of Ukraine has turned Japan definitively against Russia

And made a solution to their territorial dispute even more remote

12. China

12.1 We need to talk about Ukraine: The war makes China uncomfortable. European leaders don’t care

Get ready for a tense summit

12.2 An old problem: Why so many elderly Chinese are unvaccinated

Some are complacent, others are afraid

12.3 The fire inside: Deciphering a Tibetan pop star’s self-immolation

Tsewang Norbu was not the bubbly singer he appeared to be

12.4 The dangers of sitting too long: Two British judges quit Hong Kong’s top court

Foreigners on the bench in the city face a tricky dilemma

12.5 Chaguan: A final victory for China’s propaganda chiefs

A terrible plane crash prompts a revealing anti-media backlash

13. International

13.1 #PutinsWar: The invasion of Ukraine is not the first social media war, but it is the most viral

Ukraine is the most wired country ever to be invaded

14. Special report

14.1 The future of Florida: Like America, the Sunshine State also rises

Florida is booming and becoming more important, with big consequences for America, says Alexandra Suich Bass

14.2 The economy: The economy sees repeated boom and bust cycles

Rapid growth is heating up the Sunshine State

14.3 Miami’s makeover: The bid to make Florida’s biggest city a tech hub

An ambitious mayor is trying to transform Miami’s appeal

14.4 Making policy: A peninsula that makes waves in policy formation

Florida has a history as a policy laboratory

14.5 Politics: The colour purple

Is Florida still a swing state—or a Republican one?

14.6 Red versus blue: Two elections will attract national interest

Two races to watch in 2022

14.7 The environment, water and climate: Florida faces a triple threat to its environment

The environment is Florida’s biggest attraction, but also its biggest vulnerability

14.8 The way ahead: What Florida can teach America

Which side of paradise?


15. Business

15.1 Under the influence: The business of influencing is not frivolous. It’s serious

Influencers are becoming brand ambassadors—even for the poshest of brands

15.2 Store wars: Legislation and litigation threaten Apple and Google’s profits

Regulators are coming for the app stores

15.3 The last lockdown?: What Shanghai lockdowns mean for China Inc

Nothing good

15.4 The next wave of outsourcing: A half-a-trillion-dollar bet on revolutionising white-collar work

Digitisation of everything, cloud computing and hybrid working is fuelling a boom in Indian IT consulting

15.5 Bartleby: The case for managerial decency

A scandal at Britain’s P&O Ferries shows how not to handle redundancies

15.6 Born to Vin: Vingroup, Vietnam’s top conglomerate, leaps into global markets

Perhaps a bit too boldly

15.7 Schumpeter: Is cancel culture coming to free trade?

The risks from Russia extend to globalisation

16. Finance & economics

16.1 A little help from a friend: America’s gas frackers limber up to save Europe

There might be little they can do in the short term

16.2 Diversionary tactics: What can Russia do to sell its unwanted oil?

China and India sniff a bargain

16.3 Side channels: India grapples with the new realities of the global oil market

The question is how to pay for Russian oil

16.4 Buttonwood: Can the Fed pull off an “immaculate disinflation”?

Past experience suggests soft landings are rare

16.5 Wounded bear: Under unprecedented sanctions, how is the Russian economy faring?

Better than you might think

16.6 Menu costs: Surging food prices take a toll on poor economies

In places like Sri Lanka and Egypt, they add to existing strains

16.7 Before death do us part: The White House wants to close a tax loophole used by the ultra-rich

A plan to go after unrealised capital gains faces big hurdles

16.8 Free exchange: Will dollar dominance give way to a multipolar system of currencies?

Recent trends suggest the yuan will not gain much

17. Science & technology

17.1 Alternative energy: Sensors that scavenge their power are all the rage

They can run on light, heat and even vibrations

17.2 Anti-anti-tank weapons: How tanks can survive against cheap, shoulder-fired missiles

The war in Ukraine will boost the development of anti-anti-tank weapons

17.3 Ecological science: Invasion of the earthworms

The soil ecology of North America is being turned over

17.4 The glymphatic system and dementia: Alzheimer’s researchers are studying the brain’s plumbing

Tweaking it may delay development of the disease

18. Culture

18.1 The menace of mendacity: For modern autocrats, lying is more useful than killing

“Spin Dictators” examines the phoney democrat’s arsenal of deceit

18.2 World in a dish: In praise of mass-market American tacos

Authenticity is a terrible metric for judging food

18.3 Stand-up comedy: Phil Wang’s jokes are seriously funny

The subtly daring comedian is having a moment

18.4 Great and smallpox: Catherine the Great was a pioneer of inoculation

Lucy Ward tells the story in “The Empress and the English Doctor”

18.5 Sins of the forefathers: What do people inherit from their ancestors?

Asks Maud Newton in “Ancestor Trouble”

18.6 Back Story: Ukraine’s most famous rock star is singing for victory

For Slava Vakarchuk, rock‘n’roll is warfare by other means

19. Economic & financial indicators


20. Graphic detail

20.1 Stacking the deck: A wild gerrymander makes Hungary’s Fidesz party hard to dislodge

Opposition voters are packed into a few large constituencies

21. Obituary

21.1 A different kind of secretary: Madeleine Albright saw herself as an ambassador for freedom

America’s first female secretary of state died on March 23rd, aged 84