2022-05-26-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

2. Leaders

2.1 Ideology versus prosperity: China’s economy

2.2 Perhaps make it a bit harder to buy one?: Guns in America

2.3 Don’t stop now: Ukraine

2.4 Containing the North Korea of Africa: Eritrea

2.5 Prophets and profits: Financial markets

2.6 Britain should scrap the Online Safety Bill: Internet regulation

3. Letters

3.1 On money-laundering, medieval history, Utah, shrinkflation, food oil, pandemics, digital twins, football: Letters to the editor

4. By Invitation

4.1 Sir John Bell argues for a global genomic surveillance system to thwart pandemics: Health care

4.2 Sonal Desai says the Fed has kept monetary policy too loose for too long: Finance and economics

4.3 Andrey Kortunov offers three scenarios for the end of the war in Ukraine: Russia and Ukraine

5. Briefing

5.1 Fortified but not enriched: The Chinese economy

6. Europe

6.1 When and how might the fighting end?: The war in Ukraine

6.2 The tide turns: Refugees in Poland

6.3 So far, so good: The EU’s covid-19 recovery fund

6.4 The return of the king: Spain’s monarchy

6.5 Tiered and emotional: Charlemagne

7. Britain

7.1 Neither black nor white: Partygate

7.2 The wind changes: The cost-of-living squeeze

7.3 Headline removed for your own safety: Internet regulation

7.4 Tweak and ye shall find: Agricultural technology

7.5 Retailer therapy: Department stores

7.6 Past tense: The school curriculum

7.7 Land of hops and glory: The Platinum Jubilee

7.8 The useless machine: Bagehot

8. United States

8.1 A senseless slaughter: Another mass shooting

8.2 A slap for Trump: Georgia primaries

8.3 Live better: Bentonville’s lessons

8.4 The name game: Labour unions

8.5 Bordering on chaos: Immigration policy

8.6 Russians wanted, sort of: The talent war

8.7 Sex scandal and Southern Baptists: Lexington

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 Issaias’s army: Eritrea

9.2 Clicks and middlemen: B2B startups

9.3 The new man tips the scales: The United Arab Emirates

9.4 Marriage markers: Genomes in the Gulf

10. The Americas

10.1 The costs of inaction: Colombia’s election

10.2 The wealth of the Andes: Bello

11. Asia

11.1 Bargaining chip: Semiconductors and strategy

11.2 Quiet comfort: America and South Korea

11.3 Chadchart topping: Thai politics

11.5 Political weather: Australian politics

11.6 Testing situation: Education in India

11.7 The Abe era: Banyan

12. China

12.1 How to see Xi: Rumours and leadership struggles

12.2 A timely reminder: A leak from Xinjiang

12.3 Storming the fortress: Unemployment

12.4 No mercy: Corruption

12.5 A generational divide: Chaguan

13. International

13.1 Spies like us: Enforcing sanctions

14. Special report

14.1 A partnership of unequals: China in Africa

14.2 Roads to somewhere: Debt and infrastructure

14.3 With African characteristics: Business and trade

14.4 The price of friendship: Political links

14.5 China, meet Fourth Estate: The media

14.6 Ace of bases: Defence co-operation

14.7 Countering China in Africa: The future

14.8 Sources and acknowledgments: China in Africa

15. Business

15.1 Secret sauce: Swiss business

15.2 Postcard from a world on edge: The World Economic Forum

15.3 Broader still: Technology

15.4 The power of small gestures: Bartleby

15.5 A taste of things to come: Foodmaking

15.6 Chemical hazard warning: Schumpeter

16. Finance & economics

16.1 Empty promises: China’s financial markets

16.2 A new pact for Asia: The Indo-Pacific economy

16.3 Home run: Housing markets

16.4 Bloody but unbowed: Corporate debt

16.5 Up in the air: Carbon trading

16.6 The ties that bind: Free exchange

17. Science & technology

17.1 Life, but not as we know it: Astrobiology

17.2 A close-run thing: Gene banks

17.3 The spread of monkeypox: A new outbreak of disease

18. Culture

18.1 The rest is history: Archaeology in Turkey

18.2 By the noses: Aroma therapies

18.3 The living and the dead: Urban adventures

18.4 Handlebars of history: The glory of cycling

18.5 Shark bait: Pirate lives

18.6 Talk to him, Goose: Back Story

19. Economic & financial indicators

19.1 Economic data, commodities and markets: Indicators

20. Graphic detail

20.1 From Main Street to Wall Street: Stimulus and stockmarkets

21. Obituary

21.1 The barefoot laird: Lawrence MacEwen