2022-12-15-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

2. Leaders

2.1 A looming Russian offensive

2.2 China’s covid wave could kill as many as 1.5m people

2.3 Why are the rich world’s politicians giving up on economic growth?

2.4 The French exception

2.5 How to save South Africa

3. Letters

3.1 Letters to the editor

4. By Invitation

4.1 Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief of staff on how to end war in Ukraine

4.2 Two health experts say China’s haste to re-open risks needless death and disruption

4.3 Aaron Friedberg says the West should abandon efforts to integrate a hostile, revisionist China

5. Briefing

5.1 Volodymyr Zelensky and his generals explain why the war hangs in the balance

5.2 Ukraine’s top soldier runs a different kind of army from Russia’s

5.3 “Anyone who underestimates Russia is headed for defeat”

6. Europe

6.1 Despite power cuts and blockades, Ukraine’s economy is coping

6.2 The war has worsened Ukraine’s demographic woes

6.3 Germany’s capital struggles to clean up its act

6.4 Ireland’s new prime minister is mocked before he starts

6.5 France needs better slow trains, not just fast ones

6.6 A corruption scandal leaves the EU reeling

7. Britain

7.1 The strange case of Britain’s demise

7.2 Britain’s economic record since 2007 ranks near the bottom among peer countries

7.3 The British government and the unions dig in on train strikes

7.4 Why do Harry and Meghan wind people up?

8. United States

8.1 America’s unions are gentrifying

8.2 What to make of the Twitter Files?

8.3 Why catalytic-converter theft has soared in America

8.4 Axe-throwing may be the friendliest new sport in America

8.5 A city experiments with paying people not to be annoying

8.6 E-cigarette taxes may reduce teenage drink-driving deaths

8.7 Republicans should leave Hunter Biden to his painting, and the Justice Department

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 The party of Nelson Mandela is imploding

9.2 Commercial cattle-raiding is impoverishing Uganda’s herders

9.3 China is helping Zimbabwe to build a surveillance state

9.4 Iraq’s new prime minister vows to clean up the country

9.5 Morocco’s World Cup success sparks a debate about Arab identity

10. The Americas

10.1 Argentina’s populist political movement is at its lowest ebb

11. Asia

11.1 East Asia’s big beasts are getting on badly

11.2 Japan’s most endangered languages face extinction

11.3 BTS takes on­ Kim Jong Un

11.4 Mongolians brave the cold to decry corruption

11.5 China’s frontier aggression has pushed India to the West

12. China

12.1 How Chinese people are dealing with the spread of covid-19

12.2 What to make of China’s claims about covid

12.3 Our model shows that China’s covid death toll could be massive

12.4 The politics of Xi Jinping’s covid retreat

13. International

13.1 The pandemic’s indirect effects on small children could last a lifetime

14. Business

14.1 Can the French nuclear industry avoid meltdown?

14.2 Why Mumbai’s old business district is so shabby

14.3 Tech lay-offs are the latest blow to office landlords

14.4 Big tech pushes further into finance

14.5 German retailers aren’t feeling very festive

14.6 The enduring value of an analogue technology

14.7 America’s biggest ports face a new kind of paralysis

15. Finance & economics

15.1 How the West fell out of love with economic growth

15.2 The game is up for Sam Bankman-Fried

15.3 America’s inflation fever may be breaking at last

15.4 What an unusual auction says about the art market

15.5 Europe looks increasingly complacent about the winter ahead

15.6 The struggle to put a carbon price on a flight

15.7 The insidious threats to central-bank independence

16. Science & technology

16.1 Controlled fusion is little nearer now than it was a week ago

16.2 A UN biodiversity meeting is slugging it out in Montreal

16.3 Not enough is known about the science of pads and tampons

16.4 A study of ophidian clitorises suggests snakes are highly sexed

17. Culture

17.1 Reading Sally Rooney in China

17.2 The Ottoman empire fell a century ago. Or did it?

17.3 And the word of 2022 is…

17.4 Alice Neel’s art is at last getting the attention it deserves

18. Economic & financial indicators

18.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

19. The Economist explains

19.1 What caused the demise of Boeing’s 747 airliner?

19.2 How to design a perfect World Cup

20. Obituary

20.1 Squadron Leader Johnny Johnson longed to give Hitler a bloody nose