2023-01-19-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

1.4 This week’s covers

2. Leaders

2.1 Disney’s troubles show how technology has changed the business of culture

2.2 Turkey could be on the brink of dictatorship

2.3 Excess deaths are soaring as health-care systems wobble

2.4 South Africa’s collapsing railway company is a cautionary tale

2.5 How to sell to the young

3. Letters

3.1 Letters to the editor

4. By Invitation

4.1 Mona Juul says Russia-Ukraine talks would be premature—but preparing for them would not

4.2 Jeffrey Sachs on why neutral countries should mediate between Russia and Ukraine

5. Briefing

5.1 As Disney turns 100, its business is on a rollercoaster ride

6. Europe

6.1 France and Germany stifle their spats to celebrate a 60-year friendship

6.2 A helicopter crash has dealt a heavy blow to Ukraine’s government

6.3 A Russian town counts the cost of Vladimir Putin’s war

6.4 Some liberated Ukrainian regions have mixed loyalties

6.5 The next Czech president will be a Trumpish oligarch or a general

6.7 Europe’s “neutral” countries are having to adapt to the new world

7. Britain

7.1 The toxic culture of the Metropolitan Police Service

7.2 The SNP response to the blocking of its transgender act is illiberal

7.3 Britain’s trade unions lose faith in the pay review bodies

7.4 Britain is well-placed to cope with a downturn in the housing market

7.5 Horse-racing in Britain is in deep trouble

7.6 Why super-strict classrooms are in vogue in Britain

7.7 British politics needs more money

8. United States

8.1 Incomes are rising in America, especially for the poorest

8.2 The presidential mislaying of classified documents is infectious

8.3 How America’s far right flits from issue to issue

8.4 What the spread of universal basic-income schemes says about America’s safety net

8.6 George Santos is the congressman America deserves

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 Turkey eyes reconciliation with a Syrian regime it tried to topple

9.2 Binyamin Netanyahu rushes to take on Israel’s Supreme Court

9.3 Iran and its Arab neighbours are divided over a name

9.4 How young Sudanese are still fighting for democracy

9.5 South Africa’s disintegrating freight railway is crippling firms

9.6 Why Zimbabwe’s schools have taken to selling chickens

10. The Americas

10.1 What does China’s reopening mean for Latin America?

10.2 Peru’s political chaos looks likely to persist

10.3 Brazil’s new president wants to reduce the number of hungry people

11. Asia

11.1 Japan’s armed forces are getting stronger, faster

11.2 India’s sinking towns spark debates about development

11.3 Why South Korea is talking about getting its own nukes

11.4 Japanese youngsters want to look like Chinese starlets

11.5 Jacinda Ardern resigns as New Zealand’s prime minister

11.6 A murder in Afghanistan highlights the misery of women

11.7 Who gets to define what Asia means?

12. China

12.1 For the first time since the 1960s, China’s population is shrinking

12.2 A planned spaceport in Djibouti may give China a boost

12.3 Covid-19 has already torn through large swathes of China

12.4 Riding the slow train in China

13. International

13.1 Open-source intelligence is piercing the fog of war in Ukraine

14. Special report

14.1 Turkey faces a crucial election this summer

14.2 The Turkish economy is in pressing need of reform and repair

14.3 Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s relatives are becoming increasingly powerful

14.4 The effects on Turkey of Syria’s civil war

14.5 Turkey has given up promoting political Islam abroad

14.6 Turkey has a newly confrontational foreign policy

14.7 The Turkish opposition faces big obstacles to winning the election

14.8 Turkey is still just a democracy, but it is not certain to remain that way

14.9 Sources and acknowledgments

15. Business

15.1 How the young spend their money

15.2 Mexico’s electric-car ambitions

15.3 China’s tech crackdown starts to ease

15.4 Why pointing fingers is unhelpful

15.5 The painful development of India’s startups

15.6 TSMC is making the best of a bad geopolitical situation

16. Finance & economics

16.1 Why health-care services are in chaos everywhere

16.2 China’s re-globalisation paradox

16.3 Venture capital’s $300bn question

16.4 Japan’s extraordinarily expensive defence of its monetary policy

16.5 Investment banks are struggling in a high-interest-rate world

16.6 The rise of the uber-luxurious office

16.7 Could Europe end up with a worse inflation problem than America?

17. Science & technology

17.1 Which firm will win the new Moon race?

17.2 Ideas for finding ET are getting more inventive

17.3 A decades-old model of animal (and human) learning is under fire

18. Culture

18.1 New films in France tackle race, gender, exile and belonging

18.2 “Pegasus” lifts the lid on a sophisticated piece of spyware

18.3 A philosopher offers four case studies in failure

18.4 “O Caledonia” teaches girls how to grow up

18.5 In “Still Pictures” Janet Malcolm turns her pen on herself

18.6 Translating the Bible is a vexed task, as a new book shows

19. Economic & financial indicators

19.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

20. The Economist explains

20.1 How gas stoves became part of America’s culture wars

20.2 How humans healed the ozone layer

21. Obituary

21.1 Adolfo Kaminsky saved thousands of Jews by changing their identities

22. Graphic detail

22.1 A flurry of new studies identifies causes of the Industrial Revolution