2023-02-09-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

1.4 This week’s covers

2. Leaders

2.2 The devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria might upend politics, too

2.3 Arab petrostates must prepare their citizens for a post-oil future

2.4 How to promote academic freedom in America

2.5 Cold-war lessons from China’s spy balloon

2.6 The humbling of Gautam Adani is a test for Indian capitalism

3. Letters

3.1 Letters to the editor

4. By Invitation

4.1 Jeremy Hunt’s four-pillar plan to boost productivity

4.2 Sir Richard Barrons on how the characteristics of war are changing

4.3 Michael Liebreich wants existing low-carbon technologies to be scaled up much faster

5. Briefing

5.1 Why Adani Group’s troubles will reverberate across India

6. Europe

6.1 The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have shaken both countries

6.2 Russia’s technocrats keep funds flowing for Vladimir Putin’s war

6.3 Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are suffering with PTSD

6.4 Why France is arguing about work, and the right to be lazy

6.5 Europe should not respond to America’s subsidies binge with its own blunders

7. Britain

7.1 The British government is planning another crackdown on asylum-seekers

7.2 Volodymyr Zelensky visits Britain

7.3 Steelmaking in Britain has to get greener. But who’ll pay?

7.4 The technology that can help British hospitals work better

7.5 Shamanism is Britain’s fastest-growing religion

7.6 The heat-pump challenge in Britain

7.7 The Conservative Party’s morbid symptoms

8. United States

8.1 American universities are hiring based on devotion to diversity

8.2 Joe Biden is not quitting fossil fuels

8.3 The history and limits of America’s favourite new economic weapon

8.4 A new primary calendar gives black Democrats an earlier say for 2024

8.5 The Murdaugh trial and small-town power

8.6 History may yet judge Joe Biden’s presidency as transformational

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 After decades of empty talk, reforms in Gulf states are real—but risky

9.2 Taking stock of America’s flagship trade programme for Africa

10. The Americas

10.1 Can Colombia’s mercurial president bring “total peace”?

10.2 Brazil’s new president is visiting Joe Biden to boost relations

11. Asia

11.1 Pakistan is at risk of default

11.2 Indian investors pile in to women’s cricket

11.3 Japanese workers are seeking higher wages overseas

11.4 Squashing dissidents in Uzbekistan

11.5 Democracy is reviving in Asia

12. China

12.1 Tensions will linger over a Chinese balloon downed by America

12.2 Hong Kong starts its largest national-security trial

12.3 A hit film recalling an ancient poem fuels Chinese nationalist fervour

12.4 The lessons from the Chinese spy balloon

13. International

13.1 How a tide of tech money is transforming charity

14. Business

14.1 Is Google’s 20-year dominance of search in peril?

14.2 Alleged fraud at a Brazilian retailer sparks a corporate reckoning

14.3 The pitfalls of loving your job a little too much

14.4 Where on Earth is big oil spending its $150bn profit bonanza?

14.5 What would Joseph Schumpeter have made of Apple?

15. Finance & economics

15.1 China’s ultra-fast economic recovery

15.2 South Korea’s housing crunch offers a warning for other countries

15.3 Surging stocks undermine a hallowed investing rule

15.4 City centres: from offices to family homes

15.5 The Federal Reserve’s $2.5trn question

15.6 Google, Microsoft and the threat from overmighty trustbusters

16. Science & technology

16.1 How to predict record-shattering weather events

16.2 DARPA, lasers and an internet in orbit

17. Culture

17.1 A television show about Jesus Christ has become an unlikely hit

17.2 A new history focuses on the collaborators in the Holocaust

17.3 Salman Rushdie’s new novel is an ode to storytelling and freedom

17.4 Thai restaurateurs and British pubs have proved a perfect pairing

17.5 Anaximander is a hero in the development of scientific thinking

17.6 The genius of Johannes Vermeer is on display as never before

18. Economic & financial indicators

18.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

19. Graphic detail

19.1 Turkey sits at the crossroads of tectonic plates as well as civilisations

20. The Economist explains

20.1 What is short-selling?

20.2 How drones dogfight above Ukraine

21. Obituary

21.1 Pervez Musharraf was one of Pakistan’s better dictators