2023-07-20-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

1.4 This week’s cover

2. Leaders

2.1 Making babymaking better

2.2 How cities can respond to extreme heat

2.3 The world economy is still in danger

2.4 What the China-India detente means for the West

2.5 What the world’s budding autocrats are learning from El Salvador

2.6 Should Ukraine get Russia’s frozen reserves?

3. Letters

3.1 Letters to the editor

4. By Invitation

4.1 George Clooney and John Prendergast on how the West can kill the Wagner virus

4.2 Alberto Núñez Feijóo on why he deserves to lead Spain

4.3 As Spain prepares to vote, its Socialist prime minister sets out the case for continuity

5. Briefing

5.1 Could America’s economy escape recession?

6. Europe

6.1 Post-mutiny Moscow descends into factional murk

6.2 Zaporizhia braces itself for Russian nuclear tricks

6.3 France’s Zeitenwende

6.4 Why the EU will not seize Russian state assets to rebuild Ukraine

6.5 How Ukrainians affect Poland

6.6 A spat in Brussels pits an open vision of Europe against an insular one

7. Britain

7.1 Muddled policies are harming British universities

7.2 British inflation may not be as sticky as thought

7.3 A big battery investment is good news for British carmaking

7.4 Sir Tony Blair mesmerises the Labour Party, again

7.5 Whoever runs Britain will struggle to get tough on China

7.6 The rise of the self-pitying MP

8. United States

8.1 Americans are moving to places besieged by extreme heat

8.2 The FDA approves the first-ever non-prescription birth-control pill

8.3 Ron DeSantis is relying on big donors and his super PAC

8.4 What America’s bike-share schemes tell you about venture capital

8.5 How Mexico has become the “enemy” of America’s Republicans

8.6 The case for a third-party campaign in 2024 is actuarial, not ideological

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 Why Africa is poised to become a big player in energy markets

9.2 Israel’s constitutional chaos is far from over

9.3 How well-connected Iranians import their goodies

10. The Americas

10.2 Young Latin Americans are unusually open to autocrats

11. Asia

11.1 A battery supply chain that excludes China looks impossible

11.2 Singapore is the world leader in selling cultivated meat

11.3 An American soldier has deserted to North Korea

11.4 Why are politics in West Bengal so violent?

12. China

12.1 Can academic joint ventures between China and the West survive?

12.2 A clue to China’s true covid-19 death toll

12.3 Germany’s new strategy for dealings with China

12.4 How China trains its journalists to report “correctly”

12.5 China’s foreign minister goes missing

13. International

13.1 What if China and India became friends?

14. Technology Quarterly

14.1 In vitro fertilisation is struggling to keep up with demand

14.2 IVF remains largely a numbers game

14.3 The fertility sector is booming

14.4 Not all types of families can access IVF

14.5 Some women need eggs from others, or from their younger selves

14.6 New ways of making babies are on the horizon

14.7 Lack of basic research has hampered assisted reproduction

14.8 Video: Why we know so little about human reproduction

14.9 Sources and acknowledgments

15. Business

15.1 Tesla’s surprising new route to EV domination

15.2 Workplace advice from our agony uncle

15.3 Can a Czech billionaire rescue Casino?

15.4 The winners and losers from the $69bn Microsoft-Activision mega-deal

15.5 Startups are producing real dairy without a cow in sight

15.6 A battle of rickshaw apps shows the promise of India’s digital stack

15.7 Hollywood’s blockbuster strike may become a flop

16. Finance & economics

16.1 Your employer is (probably) unprepared for artificial intelligence

16.2 How much trouble is China’s economy in?

16.3 The dollar’s dip will not become a sustained decline

16.4 Big tech’s dominance is straining the logic of passive investing

16.5 America’s big banks are in rude health—with one exception

16.6 Instant payments finally reach America with FedNow

17. Science & technology

17.1 Are the current heatwaves evidence that climate change is speeding up?

17.2 Scrapyards adopt new high-tech ways to dismantle cars

17.3 A spectacular new fossil shows a mammal making a meal of a dinosaur

18. Culture

18.1 Realism with “Oppenheimer”, or escapism with “Barbie”?

18.2 Extreme temperatures separate “the cool and the damned”

18.3 A new novel imagines life in Andy Warhol’s studio

18.4 Calder Walton’s “Spies” is a riveting history of espionage

18.5 “The Retrievals”, a tale of agony and addiction, makes listeners squirm

18.6 AI is making it possible to clone voices

19. Economic & financial indicators

19.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

20. Graphic detail

20.1 Data from satellites suggest violence has surged in much of Sudan

21. The Economist explains

21.1 What happens when extreme weather hits several places at once?

21.2 Why developing the world’s first malaria vaccine has taken so long

22. Obituary

22.1 Milan Kundera believed that truth lay in endless questioning