2023-07-27-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

2. Leaders

2.1 How to run a business in a dangerous and disorderly world

2.2 The world should not let Vladimir Putin abandon the grain deal

2.3 Israel has lurched closer to constitutional chaos

2.4 The world’s poor need to know about weather disasters ahead of time

2.5 Keir Starmer’s plans for aid and diplomacy could help define him

3. Letters

3.1 Letters to the editor

4. By Invitation

4.1 Lawrence Summers, Philip Zelikow and Robert Zoellick on why Russian reserves should be used to help Ukraine

5. Europe

5.1 Beneath France’s revolts, hidden success

5.2 Wildfires threaten Greece’s tourist economy

5.3 Ukraine’s missile cemetery

5.4 Germany tries to stop brawls in public swimming pools

5.5 Spain shows that some voters still want centrism

6. Britain

6.1 Britain has blown its reputation as a world leader in aid

6.2 Nigel Farage, NatWest and a political storm

6.3 London’s latest effort to clear bad air is contested but necessary

6.4 How high should Britain’s interest rates go?

6.5 No, really. Rishi Sunak is a right-winger

7. United States

7.1 American universities have an incentive to seem extortionate

7.2 The making of America’s Ivy League elite

7.3 Oppenheimer’s secret city is a shrine to the Manhattan Project

7.4 Regulation could disrupt the booming “kidfluencer” business

7.5 The Biden administration embraces place-based industrial policy

7.6 Fentanyl is spreading the opioid crisis into America’s big cities

8. Middle East & Africa

8.1 A blow against Israel’s Supreme Court plunges the country into crisis

8.2 Why African leaders shunned Vladimir Putin’s summit

8.3 Soldiers declare they have overthrown Niger’s president

9. The Americas

9.1 Canada’s miserly defence spending is increasingly embarrassing

9.2 Meet the Peruvian indigenous singer inspired by K-pop

10. Asia

10.1 Kim Jong Un has no desire to let his country rejoin the world

10.2 South Korea has given up on talking to the North

10.3 A slew of scandals puts Singapore’s government on the back foot

11. China

11.1 Could economic indicators give an early warning of a war over Taiwan?

11.2 China’s missing foreign minister loses his job

11.3 In Xi Jinping’s China, central planners rule

12. International

12.1 The Ukrainian army commits new forces in a big southward push

12.2 Russia is attacking Ukraine’s agricultural exports

13. 1843 magazine

13.1 The demonisation of BlackRock’s Larry Fink

13.2 The Baghdad job: who was behind history’s biggest bank heist?

13.3 Rum and coke and automatic rifles: Myanmar’s Gen Z guerrillas

13.4 China wants to choose the next Dalai Lama. He has other plans

13.5 How Ukraine’s virtually non-existent navy sank Russia’s flagship

14. Business

14.1 China hits back against Western sanctions

14.2 Next-generation Googles run a tighter ship

14.3 The dark and bright sides of power

14.4 Can AT&T and Verizon escape managed decline?

14.5 Why your new EV is making funny noises

14.6 Why Walmart is trouncing Amazon in the grocery wars

15. Finance & economics

15.1 Can UBS make the most of finance’s deal of the century?

15.2 America’s battle with inflation is about to get trickier

15.3 Soaring temperatures and food prices threaten violent unrest

15.4 Investors are seized by optimism. Can the bull market last?

15.5 Deflation is curbing China’s economic rise

16. Science & technology

16.1 The high-tech race to improve weather forecasting

17. Culture

17.1 Critics are getting less cruel. Alas

17.2 How Stalin’s scribbling stooges tricked Western readers

17.3 Confronting the dangers of ultra-processed food

17.4 Christopher Rufo offers a history of the left

18. The Economist reads

18.1 What to read about managing people

19. Economic & financial indicators

19.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

20. Graphic detail

20.1 Data on air bases suggest a Chinese invasion of Taiwan may not be imminent

21. The Economist explains

21.1 What will be the impact of India’s rice-export ban?

21.2 Can superstars like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift spur inflation?

22. Obituary

22.1 André Watts took both Liszt and Schubert to his heart