2024-01-25-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

1.4 The world this week | The Economist: This week’s covers

How we saw the world

2. Leaders

2.1 Leaders | American immigration: How the border could cost Biden the election

To keep Trump out of power, the Democrats need to make an offer on immigration policy

2.2 Leaders | AI for all: AI holds tantalising promise for the emerging world

It could help boost human capital, and ultimately growth

2.3 Leaders | Unchaining a tiger: Vietnam needs a new leader

Doubts about the health of Nguyen Phu Trong have become a political liability

2.4 Leaders | Private assets, public interest: The risks to global finance from private equity’s insurance binge

Funding pensions with private assets holds promise—but needs scrutiny

2.5 Leaders | Mainstream Meloni: Giorgia Meloni’s not-so-scary right-wing government

Liberal fears have so far proved overblown

2.6 Leaders | Electoral lawfare: African governments are using courts to sway elections

The abuse of judiciaries is harming democracy. Here’s how to stop it

3. Letters

3.1 Letters | On diversity, equity and inclusion, Chinese cars, presidential hats, Holocaust victims, Norse sagas, movies: Letters to the editor

A selection of correspondence

4. By Invitation

4.1 By Invitation | Jews and Muslims: A Muslim faith leader calls for stronger moral leadership in the Middle East

Remember the lessons of Auschwitz, says Muhammad al-Issa

5. Briefing

5.1 Briefing | Chatbots for the bottom 4bn: Could AI transform life in developing countries?

Optimists hope it will ease grave shortages of human capital

6. Europe

6.1 Europe | So far, so good: Giorgia Meloni has proved the doubters wrong

But Italy’s hard-right prime minister has troubles ahead

6.2 Europe | Fresh Bürger : Germany strikes a brave new deal on immigration

A new citizenship law is followed by huge protests against far-right xenophobia

6.3 Europe | Constitutional horse-trading : Geert Wilders makes a show of respecting the law

Muslims, and other politicians, worry that it will last only until the Dutch populist enters government

6.4 Europe | Happy Austrians, glum Germans : Many Austrians feel their way of life is under threat

The Viennese are still waltzing, but they fret that the music may soon be stopping

6.5 Europe | Learning from the east: Europe’s new plan to safeguard its economy

But finding consensus is hard

6.6 Europe | Charlemagne : The EU’s €50bn package to Ukraine is a far cry from its rhetoric

A help set to be agreed next week is no match for the challenge

7. Britain

7.1 Britain | Nuclear energy: Britain wants to make nuclear power plants cheaper to build

Can new technologies and smarter regulation reduce delays and cost overruns?

7.2 Britain | Snakes (and tortoises, rhinos and gibbons) on a plane : How to transport a rhino

Heathrow Airport deals with millions of humans a year—but billions of animals

7.3 Britain | Howay the Sauds : Football attracts Saudi investment to England’s north-east

It can do for Newcastle what the UAE did for Manchester—for good and ill

7.4 Britain | Hard choices: The ethical quagmire of a fetus-harming epilepsy drug

Britain is restricting the use of valproate. Charities are alarmed

7.5 Britain | Penny slain: Britain’s least valuable coin is in terminal decline

Inflation is the prime culprit for the problems of the penny

7.6 Britain | Property tax: Britain’s council tax is arbitrary, regressive and needs fixing

Based on estimated house values 33 years ago, it is not fit for purpose

7.7 Britain | Bagehot: Britain’s Labour Party is backed by a pro-growth coalition

Its young electoral base offers opportunities to fix a sclerotic economy

8. United States

8.1 United States | Bordering on disaster: America’s immigration policies are failing

A new surge of migration is straining a broken system and might cost Joe Biden the election

8.2 United States | Texas hold’em: The bold Texas plan to stop migrants has hit a wall

Amid a humanitarian crisis, the Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration on policing powers

8.3 Graphic detail | Trouble down south: America’s border crisis in ten charts

How did we get here?

8.4 United States | MAGA mania: After winning New Hampshire, Trump is cruising to the nomination

Nikki Haley fights on, but her path gets only more daunting from now on

8.5 United States | Here be dragons: Why politicians are obsessed with mythical Chinese land grabs

No, the Communist Party is not buying up farms

8.6 United States | Breaking news: The rise of the TikTok news anchor

A hoard of Pocket Cronkites will read the papers and tell you, like, what they say

8.7 United States | Lexington : Why America’s political parties are so bad at winning elections

And why a new party would probably be no better

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 Middle East and Africa | A region on fire: The ever-expanding Middle East war

Ten countries have now been dragged into the fighting

9.2 Middle East and Africa | Anything but Hamas: Can the Palestinian Authority be beefed up?

Maybe, but it is being undermined from without and within

9.3 Middle East and Africa | Putting the rule in rule of law: How to nobble a political rival in Africa and get away with it

Use the courts

9.4 Middle East and Africa | Holy split: Russia’s plan to seduce Christians in Africa

The Ukraine war has split Africa’s Orthodox church

10. The Americas

10.1 The Americas | North American politics : The prospect of a Trump presidency looms over Mexico’s elections

Rows over drugs, migration and trade threaten to harm relations

10.2 The Americas | So, so, so scandalous : Colombia’s first avowedly left-wing president is mired in scandal

Gustavo Petro’s son, brother, and former chief of staff are all under investigation

10.3 The Americas | Narcojustice: Can Ecuador free itself from the grasp of the drug lords?

Prosecutors are facing murder and obstruction to clean up the rot in the state

11. Asia

11.1 Asia | Strong tailwind, no rudder : Few countries are better placed than Vietnam to get rich

Yet political paralysis could slow it down

11.2 Asia | Lunar landing: Japan lands on the Moon

This makes Japan the fifth country to achieve the feat

11.3 Asia | As may be prescribed: India tightens the screws on online dissent

A bouquet of new laws gives the government huge new powers

11.4 Asia | Banyan: South Korea’s ban on praising the North is ridiculous

The government imprisons a dotty fan of Kim Jong Un

12. China

12.1 China | China and Taiwan: A new diplomatic struggle is unfolding over Taiwan

It could give China better legal cover for an invasion

12.2 China | Easy questions only: At a UN review, China basks in the flattery of friendly countries

While dismissing criticism as lies

12.3 China | Westerners out, Chinese in : Hong Kong is becoming less of an international city

As foreigners leave, people from the mainland are taking their place

12.4 China | Skip, skip, scandal: Why skipping ropes are so expensive in China

A new reason for parents to be angry with the education system

12.5 China | Chaguan: Xi Jinping looks abroad for confidence

The West’s wobbles have China feeling vindicated

13. International

13.1 International | Isolationist America: The world is bracing for Donald Trump’s possible return

He could split countries into users, bruisers and losers

14. Business

14.1 Business | Upsetting the cart: What could bring Apple down?

Trustbusters, platform shifts and geopolitics could all hurt the iPhone-maker

14.2 Business | Bartleby: Why you should never retire

Pleasure cruises, golf and tracing the family tree are not that fulfilling

14.3 Business | Picking losers: Why America’s controls on sales of AI tech to China are so leaky

For increasingly hawkish lawmakers, that’s a problem

14.4 Business | The Modi paradox: India’s businessmen like Narendra Modi. They also fear him

Company bosses are grateful for a strong economy, but worried about retribution

14.5 Business | Schumpeter: Can MSCI drag private markets out of the shadows?

Meet the Nicaraguan revolutionary behind the world’s favourite index supplier

15. Finance & economics

15.1 Finance and economics | Going for broke: Wall Street titans are betting big on insurers. What could go wrong?

How private-markets giants are overhauling the financial system

15.2 Finance and economics | Escaping the dragon: As the China’s markets suffer, what alternatives do investors have?

Optimism about the world’s second-largest stockmarket is a distant memory

15.3 Finance and economics | Buttonwood: Investors may be getting the Federal Reserve wrong, again

Why expectations of imminent interest-rate cuts could be misplaced

15.4 Finance and economics | Burger prices: What Donald Trump can learn from the Big Mac index

Should the presidential candidate go on another crusade against the yuan?

15.5 Finance and economics | Gourmet commodities: Why sweet treats are increasingly expensive

For the sake of your wallet, it might be time to rethink your diet

15.6 Finance and economics | Ballpark figures: How American states squeeze athletes (and remote workers)

The public loves jock taxes; baseball players do not

15.7 Finance and economics | Free exchange: The false promise of friendshoring

America, China and Europe appear to be trading less with their geopolitical rivals

16. Science & technology

16.1 Science and technology | Caffeine and the climate: Can scientists save your morning cup of coffee?

A warming planet threatens the world’s favourite drug

16.2 Science and technology | Polyglot machines: Why AI needs to learn new languages

Efforts are under way to make AI fluent in more than just English

16.3 Science and technology | Aesop’s ecological fables: How ants persuaded lions to eat buffalo

A tale of elephants, thorn trees, and the sensitivity of ecosystems

16.4 Science and technology | Magnets. This is how they work: Scientists have found a new kind of magnetic material

“Altermagnets” have been hiding in plain sight for 90 years

17. Culture

17.1 Culture | After the fire: Against the odds, Notre Dame cathedral will reopen this year

The rebuilding of the famous monument prompted a debate about how much should change

17.2 Culture | Sing it again: “Mean Girls” and the rise of the film-turned-musical-turned-remake

Musical films are hitting a high note

17.3 Culture | The comeback kid: Which colour and material is most in vogue in 2024?

It is enjoying a resurgence in design and fashion

17.4 Culture | The gates of Salt Lake: Mormonism is America’s homegrown religion

Yet the Christian denomination long defined itself in opposition to the country that spawned it

17.5 Culture | Anti-totalitarianism: Hannah Arendt’s message on freethinking is as relevant as ever

Thoughtlessness creates the conditions for evil

17.6 Culture | Oh, gods: The modern relevance of 3,000-year-old religious sculptures

India’s leading museum is hosting a fascinating show, with global support

18. The Economist reads

18.1 The Economist reads: What to read to understand El Salvador and the Northern Triangle

Six books about a small region that has a big impact on its neighbours

19. Economic & financial indicators

19.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

20. Obituary

20.1 Obituary | The wrath of God: Zvi Zamir oversaw a programme of Israeli assassinations

The former director of Mossad, who oversaw a programme of covert assassinations, died on January 2nd, aged 98