2024-02-15-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

1.4 The world this week: This week’s cover

How we saw the world

2. Leaders

2.1 Leaders | The right: The growing peril of national conservatism

It’s dangerous and it’s spreading. Liberals need to find a way to stop it

2.2 Leaders | Prepare for President Trump: Europe must hurry to defend itself against Russia—and Donald Trump

The ex-president’s invitation to Vladimir Putin to attack American allies is an assault on NATO. Ultimately, that is bad for America

2.3 Leaders | Decline and fall : Pakistan is out of friends and out of money

A botched election and an economic crisis show how low it has fallen

2.4 Leaders | A shock to the system: A new answer to the biggest climate conundrum

Will electrification of industry live up to its promise?

2.5 Leaders | Silicon rally: As San Francisco builds the future of technology, can it rebuild itself?

People feared a doom loop. Reality has been more surprising

2.6 Leaders | America’s shadow central banks: Another bank subsidy America should kill off

The Federal Home Loan Banks offer loans to Wall Street that are too cheap

2.7 Leaders | The ur-snafu: How not to do a megaproject

The lessons of HS2 for Britain and beyond

3. Letters

3.1 Letters | On export controls on China, charter schools, council tax, Ukraine, DEI, Peter Schickele, common sense: Letters to the editor

A selection of correspondence

4. By Invitation

4.1 By Invitation | Politics and ageing: David Owen argues that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both too old to be president

Nor should anyone else over 70 be considered for the job, says the politician and former neurologist

4.2 By Invitation | Corporate culture: Two experts predict AI will transform companies’ understanding of themselves

Wave goodbye to clunky employee surveys, say Don and Charlie Sull

5. Briefing

5.1 Briefing | Nationalists of the world, unite!: “National conservatives” are forging a global front against liberalism

The alliance may be incoherent, but that does not make it harmless

5.2 Briefing | The burning question: First electric cars. Next, electric factories?

They could be a major new way to slow global warming

6. Europe

6.1 Europe | How to spend it: The EU’s covid-19 recovery fund has worked, but not as intended

The fund should pave the way for more collective European spending

6.2 Europe | A new role: After Russia’s invasion the people of Bessarabia switched sides

A traditionally pro-Russian part of Ukraine now feels very differently

6.3 Europe | A concrete wall: As Donald Trump threatens NATO, the Baltic states stiffen their defences

Russia’s formidable installations in Ukraine are reviving interest in fortification

6.4 Europe | Back from the slagheap: As German industry declines, the Ruhr gives hope

The resilience of the old steelmaking heartland is a model for the future

6.5 Europe | Overcooked controversy: Europe decides it doesn’t like lab-grown meat before it’s tried it

An Italian ban is red meat for cattle farmers

6.6 Europe | Charlemagne: How not to botch the upcoming EU leadership reshuffle

The great scramble for top Euro-jobs is upon us, alas

7. Britain

7.1 Britain | Getting nowhere fast : The horror story of HS2

How a flagship project became a parable of Britain’s problems

7.2 Britain | Crime prevention: Why British police should focus on victims

A small number of people suffer a disproportionate amount of crime

7.3 Britain | Hotting up: Climate will be a battleground in Britain’s next election

The Conservatives and Labour both have weaknesses

7.4 Britain | Britain’s silver zones: How to live to one hundred

Have good genes and move to East Devon

7.5 Britain | A life more ordinary: British lives are getting duller

Good news for Britons, bad news for obituarists

7.6 Britain | Bagehot: Ban it harder! An unwelcome new trend in British politics

Do not abduct that cat

7.7 Britain | Roses are perishable: Love, frugality and home-grown flowers are in the air

Valentine’s Day in post-pandemic Britain

8. United States

8.1 United States | Racial progress in America: Black workers are enjoying a jobs boom in America

A tight labour market chips away at some of the most stubborn inequalities

8.2 United States | House of cowards: House Republicans fear Trump too much to aid Ukraine

They include the speaker, Mike Johnson, who won’t allow a vote

8.3 United States | All in the family: Cousin marriage is probably fine in most cases

It is also illegal in 25 American states

8.4 United States | Parler games: The far-right’s favoured social-media platform plots a comeback

What to make of Parler’s return

8.5 United States | Night court: The search for justice in America is not a nine-to-five job

Courts should stay open later. New York City has been doing that since before it was cool

8.6 United States | Lexington: Donald Trump’s tremendous love

His politics may seem hostile, yet he talks like a Valentine’s Day card

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 Middle East and Africa | The next phase of the Gaza war : If Israel invades, hell looms in Rafah

Binyamin Netanyahu wants to attack now. His generals don’t

9.2 Middle East and Africa | The case against UNRWA: The real problem with the UN’s agency for Palestinians

It has perpetuated the misery of Palestinians

9.3 Middle East & Africa | Helping the bad guys: How Yemen’s dominant Houthis blackmail foreign aid agencies

They risk causing a man-made famine with their meddling

9.4 Middle East and Africa | South African politics: Is Julius Malema the most dangerous man in South Africa?

His party wants to nationalise all. He may become kingmaker

9.5 Middle East and Africa | Taking credit: African governments return to international bond markets

Debt worries have eased a little, but borrowing is still expensive

9.6 Middle East and Africa | Ukrainians in Sudan: Evidence mounts that Ukrainian forces are in Sudan

But their presence may not alter the outcome of its civil war

10. The Americas

10.1 The Americas | The perils of Petrobras: Why Lula keeps meddling with Latin America’s top oil company

His worst instincts are undermining the national oil company’s hard-won gains

10.2 The Americas | From model to muddle: Chile’s crisis is not over yet

Political tumult is now the norm in the country

11. Asia

11.1 Asia | A historic shift: India’s unprecedented love-in with the Middle East

Amid a war Narendra Modi builds new Gulf ties

11.2 Asia | Junked bonds: India’s Supreme Court delivers a rare setback for Narendra Modi

It declared unconstitutional an opaque campaign-finance tool that chiefly benefited the ruling party

11.3 Asia | File under F for “fiasco”: Pakistan’s voters tell the generals where to put it

Imran Khan’s candidates won the most seats despite heavy-handed attempts to hobble them

11.4 Asia | General, elected: Prabowo Subianto will be Indonesia’s next president

The controversial former general is unlikely to boost the country’s democratic credentials

11.5 Asia | Banyan : Australia needs to rethink its approach to its Pacific island neighbours

They care more about development than hard security

12. China

12.1 China | China and the world: Xi Jinping’s paranoia is making China isolated and insular

From his personal travel plans to capital flows, cross-border exchange is shrinking

12.2 China | Messy for Messi: Hong Kong is struggling to restore its image as a global city

Efforts have been tripped up by nationalists

12.3 China | Life’s a beach: China is trying to boost domestic tourism

Even “China’s Hawaii” may not tempt them

12.4 China | Chaguan: How China stifles dissent without a KGB or Stasi of its own

A secret policeman on every street

13. International

13.1 International | Counting the votes: 2024 is a giant test of nerves for democracy

A warning from election results so far—and what follows in America, Europe and India

14. Business

14.1 Business | Chipping in: China is quietly reducing its reliance on foreign chip technology

Firms such as Huawei are cultivating local suppliers

14.2 Business | Tokyo Electrified: Japan’s semiconductor toolmakers are booming

How long will it last?

14.3 Business | Paramount’s paramours: Would-be suitors are wooing Paramount

The drama highlights the parlous state of the entertainment industry

14.4 Business | The super store: Why Costco is so loved

Keeping customers, employees and investors happy is no mean feat

14.5 Business | Bartleby: How to benefit from the conversations you have at work

Stop thinking about your next point and listen to the one being made

14.6 Business | Boxing match: How worried should Amazon be about Shein and Temu?

Dirt-cheap products and marketing splurges are catching clicks

14.7 Business | Schumpeter: The row over US Steel shows the new meaning of national security

Should a Japanese buyer really be blocked from acquiring the American firm?

15. Finance & economics

15.1 Finance and economics | Artificial intelligence: How San Francisco staged a surprising comeback

Forget the controversy. America’s tech capital is building the future

15.2 Finance and economics | Buttonwood: Investing in commodities has become nightmarishly difficult

What happened to that “supercycle”?

15.3 Finance and economics | Putting out fires: How the world economy learned to love chaos

War, high interest rates and financial strife are yet to bring down growth

15.4 Finance and economics | Conflict trading: The Ukraine war offers energy arbitrage opportunities

It also provides a glimpse at the future of European gas supplies

15.5 Finance and economics | American banks: Is working from home about to spark a financial crisis?

That is the worry. But it is overblown

15.6 Finance and economics | Free exchange: In defence of a financial instrument that fails to do its job

Inflation-linked bonds are a poor inflation hedge, but that’s not the point

16. Science & technology

16.1 Science and technology | Lunar odyssey: A private Moon mission hopes to succeed where others have failed

The odds are stacked against it

16.2 Science and technology | Milk and two microbes: For the perfect cup of tea, start with the right bacteria

The organisms near a tea plant’s roots can influence the depth of flavour in its leaves

16.3 Science and technology | Shame, set and match: What tennis reveals about AI’s impact on human behaviour

Since the introduction of Hawk-Eye, umpires have been biting their tongues

16.4 Science and technology | JET off: A 40-year-old nuclear-fusion experiment bows out in style

Its final run set a record for how much energy such reactions can produce

17. Culture

17.1 Culture | Turkish delight: The third-largest exporter of television is not who you might expect

After America and Britain, Turkey is the biggest seller of scripted shows

17.2 Culture | Indecipherable fingerprints: A secret room in Florence boasts drawings by Michelangelo

The artist’s fingerprints are all over the walls—or are they?

17.3 Culture | Laughing to tears: On “A Wonderful Country”, Israelis joke their way through trauma

Nothing appears off limits on the incisive comedy show, except for Gazans’ pain

17.4 Culture | Drugs, terms and steel: The Wa: the world’s biggest drug-dealers, with a tiny profile

A new book looks at how the narco-state has flourished

17.5 Culture | Pen v plague: From Napoleon to Vladimir Putin, disease has shaped history

A sacked New York Times reporter takes a global view of disease

17.6 Culture | Back Story : The real message of Vladimir Putin’s chat with Tucker Carlson

Russia’s president is not a man to be trusted, still less to emulate or admire

18. The Economist reads

18.1 The Economist reads: What to read about Indonesia

There’s much more to the country than Bali’s beaches, as these six books demonstrate

19. Economic & financial indicators

19.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

20. The Economist explains

20.1 The Economist explains: What is Russia’s mysterious new space weapon?

Theories include a space-nuke or a nuclear-powered jammer

20.2 The Economist explains: How Ukraine sank the Caesar Kunikov—and is beating Russia at sea

It is the fourth landing ship Ukraine has taken out in the Black Sea in seven months

21. Obituary

21.1 Obituary | A line through the jungle: Jack Jennings was one of the Allied POWs who built the Burma Railway

The slave labourer for the Japanese died on January 19th, aged 104