2024-02-28-Economist Graphs

1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

1.4 The world this week: This week’s covers

How we saw the world

2. Leaders

2.1 Leaders | Voting intentions: How to build a British voter

Labour is assembling an electoral coalition that is young and broad, but volatile too

2.2 Leaders | How high can markets go?: A golden age for stockmarkets is drawing to a close

Share prices may be surging, but even AI is unlikely to drive a repeat of the past decade’s performance

2.3 Leaders | A losing battle: Fentanyl cannot be defeated without new tactics

Suppression works even less well than with other narcotics

2.4 Leaders | French politics: The perils of a Le Pen presidency

Even three years out, the prospect is alarming

2.5 Leaders | Don’t seize: capitalise: How to put Russia’s frozen assets to work for Ukraine

Exploit them to the full, but legally

2.6 Leaders | One nation under Modi: To see India’s future, go south

The country’s regional division could make it—or break it

2.7 Leaders | How tyranny travels : Autocracies are exporting autocracy to their diasporas

The new danger from transnational repression

3. Letters

3.1 Letters | On Britain’s armed forces, cousins, business in Italy, private-equity backed insurance, age, Terry Pratchett: Letters to the editor

A selection of correspondence

4. By Invitation

4.1 By Invitation | Russia after Navalny: A former political prisoner on how the West should honour Alexei Navalny’s legacy

It needs to rediscover its concern for Russian dissidents, argues Natan Sharansky

4.2 By Invitation | India’s election: Ashoka Mody argues that India is stunted by a lack of moral leadership

It needs better politicians and a more civic culture, says the academic

5. Briefing

5.1 Briefing | Relentless reaper: America’s ten-year-old fentanyl epidemic is still getting worse

The government is spending record amounts, just to slow its growth

6. Europe

6.1 Europe | France’s National Rally: How Marine Le Pen is preparing for power

The party has its eyes not on protest but on the presidency

6.2 Europe | Friendly fire: France and Germany are at loggerheads over military aid to Ukraine

A summit in France made things worse

6.3 Europe | Get off the fence: Europe hopes barbed wire will keep migrants out. It won’t

Politicians feel compelled to respond to voters’ concerns

6.4 Europe | After the war : Azerbaijan is racing to rebuild in recaptured Nagorno-Karabakh

Exiled Azeris are returning

6.5 Europe | Within range: Kharkiv is struggling under Russian rocket attacks

A border region liberated by Ukraine’s army faces a new onslaught

6.6 Europe | Charlemagne: Is Europe’s stubby skyline a sign of low ambition?

Only seven of the world’s 1,000 tallest buildings are in the EU

7. Britain

7.1 Britain | Psephological profiling: A changing British electorate is propelling Labour towards victory

Our data shows that the party is forging a remarkably broad electoral coalition

7.2 Britain | Own goals: English football’s financial fracas

Financial-sustainability rules have caused an almighty mess in the Premier League

7.3 Britain | Local politics : The institution that taught Margaret Thatcher about politics

Grantham town council, of course—what else?

7.4 Britain | Just add water: More than half of Britain’s ponds have disappeared

But “ghost” wetlands can be resuscitated

7.5 Britain | Bagehot: Speaker Hoyle and the strange politics of human resources

A concern with MPs’ well-being scuppers a crucial debate

8. United States

8.1 United States | In vitro veritas: IVF is a slam-dunk issue for Democrats. Abortion may not be

The Democratic Party is so giddy about Alabama’s daft court ruling that it risks overlooking its own vulnerabilities

8.2 United States | Stoked: The economics of skiing in America

How monopoly and price discrimination are transforming an industry

8.3 United States | Commitment phobia: Does Joe Biden’s re-election campaign have a Gaza problem?

The Michigan result would make Donald Trump president if it’s repeated in November

8.4 United States | Answers that raise questions: Is Google’s Gemini chatbot woke by accident, or by design?

The tech giant’s new artificial-intelligence model invents black Vikings and Asian popes

8.5 United States | Cobalt blues : A millennial is building America’s first nickel-cobalt refinery

But it’s proving ethically trickier than she expected

8.6 United States | Lexington: Vladimir Putin hardly needs to interfere in American democracy

Domestic politicians are happy to spread dysfunction on their own

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 Middle East and Africa | Dreaming of Dubai: Africa’s tiger economy is shot

Abiy Ahmed has big dreams for Ethiopia. Reality is far harsher

9.2 Middle East and Africa | Fresh blood, same problems: The Palestinians’ new prime minister faces a nightmare

The PA says it is preparing for an “emerging reality” in Gaza

9.3 Middle East and Africa | The beginning of the end: As Iran scares the Middle East, at home its regime rots

Iran’s phoney elections show how the clerics have lost public support

10. The Americas

10.1 The Americas | Bringing back Brazil: Lula’s gaffes are dulling Brazil’s G20 shine

Its relationships with the West are healing. But Brazil has not decided what kind of country it will be

10.2 The Americas | The switcheroo: The former president of Honduras is tried for drug trafficking

Juan Orlando Hernández used to be a prominent ally in the US war on drugs

10.3 The Americas | Kicking back: Argentina’s football clubs are resisting privatisation

Javier Milei wants to attract foreign money into ailing teams

11. Asia

11.1 Asia | India’s north-south divide: Inside Narendra Modi’s battle to win over the south

Can the BJP woo the country’s richer, better-educated states?

11.2 Asia | The actual opposition?: Massive farmers’ protests are a headache for Narendra Modi

Even if the recent ones have been contained, discontent remains

11.3 Asia | Banyan: What will Prabowo Subianto’s foreign policy look like?

Indonesia’s new president wants his country to play a bigger role

12. China

12.1 China | The Chinese diaspora: Living outside China has become more like living inside China

The Communist Party is trying to tighten its grip on the Chinese diaspora

12.2 China | Chaguan: China tells bankers to be more patriotic

Financiers from 200 years ago are wheeled out as role models

13. International

13.1 International | Surviving in a multipolar world: Africa is juggling rival powers like no other continent

African leaders need to balance vast opportunities against dire risks

14. Business

14.1 Business | Meet your new copilot: How businesses are actually using generative AI

Some experiments with chatbots are more useful than others

14.2 Business | The meaning of Mistral : Meet the French startup hoping to take on OpenAI

Mistral unveils its latest large language model—and a deal with Microsoft

14.3 Business | Divestment dilemmas: Western multinationals’ Russian dilemmas

Staying in Russia carries risks. So does leaving

14.4 Business | Bartleby: Why you should lose your temper at work

Sometimes. And without throwing anything

14.5 Business | Barrelling along : Can whisky conquer Chinese palates?

Western spirit pedlars think so

14.6 Business | Motor no-shows: Car shows in the West are in terminal decline

Chinese firms are keeping them on life support

14.7 Business | Schumpeter: How Argentine businessmen size up Javier Milei

Is it time to invest in a spot of Malbec?

15. Finance & economics

15.1 Finance and economics | Fly up to the sky : Stockmarkets are booming. But the good times are unlikely to last

Although AI is propelling valuations, there are deeper forces at work

15.2 Finance and economics | Too efficient: Are passive funds to blame for market mania?

They have killed off many of those willing to bet on a downturn

15.3 Finance and economics | Stakeholders at the gate: Activist investing is no longer the preserve of hedge-fund sharks

ExxonMobil and Starbucks are victims of the latest trend

15.4 Finance and economics | Still coupled: How Trump and Biden have failed to cut ties with China

It is hard to overcome economic incentives

15.5 Finance and economics | Buttonwood: Uranium prices are soaring. Investors should be careful

The metal has a history of meltdowns

15.6 Finance and economics | Free exchange: What do you do with 191bn frozen euros owned by Russia?

The question that now confronts Western policymakers

16. Science & technology

16.1 Science and technology | Silicon dreamin’: AI models make stuff up. How can hallucinations be controlled?

It is hard to do so without also limiting models’ power

16.2 Science and technology | A kiss and a cure: Scientists want to tackle multiple sclerosis by treating the kissing virus

Vaccines and antivirals are already undergoing trials

16.3 Science and technology | At the heart of the battery revolution: A variety of new batteries are coming to power EVs

All use different chemistries for cost or performance

16.4 Science and technology | Your brain on music: Why recorded music will never feel as good as the real thing

The answer, according to neuroscience

17. Culture

17.1 Culture | Money and the arts: Britain’s arts still dazzle the world

But they are being diminished by a funding crisis

17.2 Culture | Back Story: “The Picture of Dorian Gray” points to the future of theatre

A triumphant one-woman show relies on Sarah Snook, daring tech and your imagination

17.3 Culture | An artist’s artist: Why did a once-revered painter, Frans Hals, fall out of favour?

A new show at the Rijksmuseum pays tribute to an often overlooked Dutch master

17.4 Culture | Cartoon gloom: “Palestine”, an old graphic novel, is making a comeback

Interest in Joe Sacco’s graphic novel is the highest it has been in 20 years

17.5 Culture | Colour by numbers: Can a dozen shipwrecks tell the history of the world?

Historical listicles are in vogue

17.6 Culture | Go big or go home: Cinemas may be dying. But IMAX and the high end are thriving

IMAX’s success points to a growing niche in a shrinking industry

18. The Economist reads

18.1 The Economist reads: What to read to understand cyber-security

In the cyberwars that rage across the digital realm, the aggressors have the advantage

19. Economic & financial indicators

19.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

20. Obituary

20.1 Obituary | His old enemy : Robert Badinter persuaded France to abolish the guillotine

The man who fought to abolish the death penalty in France died on February 9th, aged 95