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1. The world this week

1.1 Politics

1.2 Business

1.3 KAL’s cartoon

1.4 The world this week: This week’s cover

How we saw the world

2. Leaders

2.1 Leaders | And they’re off: Three big risks that might tip America’s presidential election

Third parties, the Trump trials and the candidates’ age introduce a high degree of uncertainty

2.2 Leaders | China’s National People’s Congress: Xi Jinping’s hunger for power is hurting China’s economy

A new economic plan won’t end deflation, even as he sidelines his prime minister

2.3 Leaders | Jam today, ingredients tomorrow: Britain’s budget cuts taxes on the promise of productivity gains

Jeremy Hunt has got it the wrong way round

2.4 Leaders | Course correction: How to fix the Ivy League

Its supremacy is being undermined by bad leadership

2.5 Leaders | The real skinny : A frenzy of innovation in obesity drugs is under way

Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly are printing money now. But they will not be a stagnant duopoly

3. Letters

3.1 Letters | On artificial intelligence, the Holocaust, national conservatives, Ukraine, history, investment advice: Letters to the editor

A selection of correspondence

4. By Invitation

4.1 By Invitation | Finance and development: Three presidents on how to make global finance work better for Africa

The continent needs a stronger voice and more help to help itself, say Nana Akufo-Addo, William Samoei Ruto and Hakainde Hichilema

4.2 By Invitation | Britain’s fiscal fiction: A former adviser on the 250 words Jeremy Hunt should read out at the budget

They would ensure that bad fiscal policy was bad politics, says Tim Leunig

5. Briefing

5.1 Briefing | Spoilers: Third-party candidates could be decisive in America’s election

But they have to get on the ballot first

6. Britain

6.1 Britain | Briefcase encounter: The British budget mixes sensible tinkering and fiscal fantasy

Both the Tories and Labour are making promises they cannot keep

6.2 Britain | Newbury’s finest: Vodafone tries to slim its way back to health

At the start of the century, the British telco was worth more than Apple. What happened?

6.3 Britain | Policing: Rishi Sunak’s crackdown on protests is misguided

The British government calls it mob rule. Others know it as free speech

6.4 Britain | Tough on puffs: The holes in British plans to ban cigarettes and disposable vapes

One policy is contentious, the other stupid

6.5 Britain | Unnatural selection: Why on earth would anyone become a British MP?

Sanity, at least, is no longer a formal requirement. But watch out for the letterboxes

6.6 Britain | Bagehot: What the softening of the Sun says about Britain

Two-speed liberalisation remakes a tabloid newspaper

7. Europe

7.1 Europe | Climate change: Europe’s new-look winter: floods, high sea levels and melting glaciers

People are seeing extreme weather in action, but not voting to stop it

7.2 Europe | On the wild side: Ukraine’s animals are also victims of the war

Though foxes have thrived

7.3 Europe | Abortion rules : Why France has made abortion a constitutional right

Lessons from America and Poland

7.4 Europe | General discomfort: The damage done by Russia’s hack of Germany’s defence ministry

Underlining Chancellor Scholz’s refusal to send long-range missiles to Ukraine

7.5 Europe | Quick march: Moving weapons around Europe fast is crucial for deterring Russia

But progress is slow

7.6 Europe | Charlemagne: Fifty shades of brown: how splits in Europe’s hard right sap its power

Divisions are a central feature of the populist right

8. United States

8.1 United States | Brand Old Party: Super Trump and his mighty MAGA machine

After his Super Tuesday wins, Donald Trump moves swiftly to dominate the national Republican Party

8.2 United States | Sleepy Tuesday: Donald Trump wasn’t MAGA’s only winner on Super Tuesday

The Republicans’ populist wing also flexed its muscle in down-ballot races

8.3 United States | Executive inaction: Can Joe Biden bring order to the southern border without Congress?

The president is boxed in on all sides

8.4 United States | Words of warning: Is New York rethinking its sanctuary-city status?

Its mayor casts doubt on a time-honoured policy

8.5 United States | Celestial bodies: A private company will send your ashes to the moon

The Navajo Nation wants the feds to stop them

8.6 United States | The WPATH files: Leaked discussions reveal uncertainty about transgender care

The files shed light on a controversial area of medicine that has largely retreated into the shadows

8.7 United States | Lexington: Has Ron DeSantis gone too far in Florida?

Believing he has overreached, Democrats plot a path back to relevance

9. Middle East & Africa

9.1 Middle East and Africa | Bibi blues: Joe Biden is exasperated by Israel but will not stop its war

Facing mounting pressure at home and abroad, the president bets on a hostage deal

9.2 Middle East and Africa | The war in Gaza: Ramadan could see respite for Gaza, or widening violence

Mediators are hopeful of a truce during the holy month

9.3 Middle East and Africa | Riding the CCM seesaw: A lost opportunity to reform Tanzania

The country needs a constitutional overhaul. The ruling party stands in the way

9.4 Middle East and Africa | Yesterday’s price is not today’s price: Nigeria’s currency crisis is decades in the making

Fixing it requires deep reform

9.5 Middle East and Africa | Cryptocurrencies in Africa: Why Africa is crypto’s next frontier

Cheap power is fuelling a new sort of mining boom

10. The Americas

10.1 The Americas | Lawless and disordered: The last scraps of the Haitian state are evaporating

Rape, murder and theft have long been facts of life

10.2 The Americas | The legacy of Lava Jato: Corruption is surging across Latin America

Political blowback from a period of intense anti-corruption campaigns is to blame

11. Asia

11.1 Asia | Armed and autocratic: North Korea is arming Russia and threatening war with South Korea

Kim Jong Un likes to provoke. The risks of miscalculation are rising

11.2 Asia | Stock and awe: Why are so many Indians piling into stocks?

The country is in the middle of an unprecedented retail-investment boom

11.3 Asia | Banyan: What the war in Ukraine means for Asia

Peace in East Asia hangs to a worrying extent on the outcome of the conflict

11.4 Asia | Too much butter, not enough chicken: Indian food is great. Perhaps too great

Long associated with hunger, India is now confronting an epidemic of obesity and lifestyle diseases

12. China

12.1 China | Xi’s show: China’s parliament is being used to highlight Xi Jinping’s power

The gathering reveals much about the woeful state of the country’s politics and economy

12.2 China | Eyes in the sky : China’s satellites are improving rapidly. Its army will benefit

Watch out, American warships

12.3 China | Chaguan : Why China’s confidence crisis goes unfixed

In 2024, to acknowledge public gloom is to doubt Xi Jinping

13. International

13.1 International | Poisoned Ivy: America’s elite universities are bloated, complacent and illiberal

To keep its competitive edge the Ivy League will have to change

14. Business

14.1 Business | Slim pharma: The battle over the trillion-dollar weight-loss bonanza

Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly are making blockbuster drugs. Can they maintain their lead?

14.2 Business | Nootropic kid on the block: Brain-boosting substances are all the rage

Their utility is debatable

14.3 Business | The glass-ceiling index: More women are getting onto corporate boards. Good

Our annual measure of the role and influence of women in the workforce

Elon Musk, the New York Times and trustbusters all want a piece of the startup

14.5 Business | More than a headache: Can Bayer recover from its chronic pain?

The Aspirin-maker is suffering from complications of its acquisition of Monsanto

14.6 Business | Bartleby: How can firms pass on tacit knowledge?

The problem of knowing what your co-workers know

14.7 Business | Schumpeter: Apple is right not to rush headlong into generative AI

One day the Vision Pro could exploit the technology to the full

15. Finance & economics

15.1 Finance and economics | Staring down the barrel: Can Israel afford to wage war?

As the battle continues, costs are spiralling

15.2 Finance and economics | Back to the moon: Bitcoin’s price is surging. What happens next?

The cryptocurrency is up by 63% this year

15.3 Finance and economics | Another illusion: Globalisation may not have increased income inequality, after all

A new study questions the received wisdom on trends within countries

15.4 Finance and economics | Housing costs: America’s rental-market mystery

And why it may deter the Federal Reserve from cutting interest rates

15.5 Finance and economics | Urban economics: The world is in the midst of a city-building boom

Everyone, from Donald Trump and Peter Thiel to Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, is getting involved

15.6 Finance and economics | Buttonwood: How investors get risk wrong

Contrary to popular wisdom, more volatile stocks do not outperform

15.7 Finance and economics | Free exchange: An economist’s guide to the luxury-handbag market

It is plagued by counterfeits—and information asymmetries

16. Science & technology

16.1 Science and technology | Dancing in the dark: Physicists are reimagining dark matter

There might be new particles, forces and perhaps even a Dark Big Bang

16.2 Science and technology | Model baby: Scientists can help fetuses by growing tiny replicas of their organs

They could be used to improve treatments in the womb

16.3 Science and technology | Final countdown: A new technique to work out a corpse’s time of death

AI could make the work of pathologists more accurate

16.4 Science and technology | Advanced materials: Graphene, a wondrous material, starts to prove useful

It could help launch satellites

17. Culture

17.1 Culture | Zones of interest: Whoever gets the Best Picture Oscar, international films are winning

Hollywood’s growing love of foreign films says a lot about the insular industry

17.2 Culture | Back Story : Infatuation, kids, adultery: marriage is the theme of the Oscars

Together the nominees sketch a composite picture of marriage. Here it is

17.3 Culture | And you call yourself civilised?: The history of the West is not quite what you learned in school

Josephine Quinn’s new book re-examines what people think they know about civilisations

17.4 Culture | What’s in store?: Museums have a hoarding problem

Museums’ moves highlight how little of their collections are actually on view

17.5 Culture | Hillbilly elegies: Stories about the Dongbei rust belt are resonant in China

Noirish books, films and TV shows depicting hardship are popular

17.6 Culture | No solitude: Gabriel García Márquez’s novella was published against his wishes

“Until August” raises questions about authors’ consent and the literary afterlife

18. The Economist reads

18.1 The Economist reads: The best British political diaries

Five volumes full of wit, cattiness and insight into the workings of power

19. Economic & financial indicators

19.1 Economic data, commodities and markets

20. The Economist explains

20.1 The Economist explains: What is Hindutva, the ideology of India’s ruling party?

It seeks to equate Indianness with Hinduism

Several lawsuits, one brought by the New York Times, could soon answer the question

21. Obituary

21.1 Obituary | Age and magnificence: Iris Apfel became a fashion icon in her ninth decade

No geriatric nonsense was going to hold her back